"The Full Circle Approach"

Services are all based on a sound experience of dealing directly with people, in a variety of occupational situations. Hazel has experience of dealing with a range of complex, contractual, occupational and individual circumstances affecting a wide variety of organisations.

Hazel has expertise of dealing with a range of complex, contractual, occupational and individual circumstances affecting a wide range of individual OR organisational situations, affecting a wide variety of commercial and public sector organisations. 

Expertise can include the organisational elements of strategy that effect people and performance. This could include effective induction planning, on the job training, employee rotation, Health and Safety Management to name a few. Alternatively, the broader aspects of change and its impact upon policy, procedures and practice and how this will change people’s terms and conditions, role or function, and the way they operate. This is an individual business service offering expertise from years of experience in  a variety of private, public and voluntary sectors.

Organisational Development

• Change at work • Optimising staffing • Maximising resources •


Organisational development is progressive and changeable, change impacts on the expectations of people and the jobs that they perform. People being effective at the right place, at the right time and in the right way, are the basic strands essential to effective business practice.

The alignment of people and their role and function is crucial to business success. Hazel achieves this by establishing an honest trust based approach, advising the client of the right solution for them. Coaching first line managers is one of the most cost effective methods of ensuring managers maximise people performance and integrate and manage change.

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