"The Full Circle Approach"

Services are all based on a sound experience of dealing directly with people, in a variety of occupational situations. Hazel has experience of dealing with a range of complex, contractual, occupational and individual circumstances affecting a wide variety of organisations.

Hazel provides a holistic approach to her work giving a professional service to the client. A short call will ensure your confidence; Hazel built her professional reputation with clients by establishing a completely honest and trust based approach. With her professional approach Hazel advises the client to the right form of solution for them. This is an individual business service offering expertise from years of experience in  a variety of private, public and voluntary sectors.

HR Consultancy

• Professional Services • Supporting People & Work Places • 

This section covers a massive menu of what an employer or employee could want from any aspects during the employment cycle.  From the simple issues that relate to immediate advice regarding a set of circumstances, to the more complex situations involving union negotiation and consultation. Full Circle will diagnose the cause and agree the best way forward considering your business-critical concerns. Hazel provides professional HR services for business's and organisations. With over 35 years experience she has supported organisations through a whole host of HR circumstances. Hazel appreciates that all matters relating to HR are different and tailors her services to support all parties with the highest standards of professionalism.

Human relationships work in many different ways, as they progress and develop for the better and sometimes for worst, the outcome has its effects on performance of the business. It is these relationships that can be managed effectively by Full Circle HR Consultancy to mediate HR proceedings to ensure that all parties are dealt with in an appropriate manner whilst maintaining the wider corporate business objectives. Hazel uses her broad knowledge and skills to deal with concise and specific issues within organisations. Hazel uses a holistic approach to her work ensuring her point of focus considers the background and future direction of people and organisations she works with.

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