"The Full Circle Approach"

Services are all based on a sound experience of dealing directly with people, in a variety of occupational situations. Hazel has experience of dealing with a range of complex, contractual, occupational and individual circumstances affecting a wide variety of organisations. This is an individual business service offering expertise from years of experience in  a variety of private, public and voluntary sectors.

Hazel provides a holistic approach to her work giving a professional service to the client. A short call will ensure your confidence; Hazel built her professional reputation with clients by establishing a completely honest and trust based approach. With her professional approach Hazel advises the client to the right form of solution for them.

Business & Life Coaching 

• Person Centred • Professional Services • Holistic Approach •

Hazel offers comprehensive business and life coaching services, supporting individuals and organisations. As a representative of the Employee or Employer or a facilitator in mediation, Hazel adapts her wide HR experience with coaching/mediation methods to bring resolution to a wide range of employer and employee relational issues.

 Full Circle: Uses the thread of business coaching, life coaching and mediation to connect to all services for both the individual client and the organisation. It could be leadership, a new appointment or promotion, project management, employee performance and development, first line managers developing skills to deal with more complex contractual issues, between two or more parties.  There is rarely any situation that coaching or mediation is unable to resolve. Alternatively, it could be a personal life issue that an individual finds difficulty in resolving, a family issue that feels consuming and is completely affecting them negatively.  Some examples could be socially related issues, organisational skills, confidence assertiveness or work life balance.

The advantage of using coaching the methods used empowers people in the area of their life that they feel challenged with and it also gives them the tools that enable them to improve all other aspects of their life. Our quality of life at work, home, socially and with wider family are precious the decisions we make are essential to our wellbeing and success, either commercially or as an individual.

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